Everyone deserves to get tools to evolve their talents. Together we can make that possible!

There are multiple ways to support us:

1. Through Paypal

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 2. Bank transfer to ELA Slovenia:

You can also donate by using the following information of ELA Slovenia in a bank transfer. All funds gathered in ELA’s Slovenian account are used for ELA’s projects in Kenya and Malawi. We will transfer money to the ELA Africa account as a group transaction, due to high cost of transferring fees as a single transactions. 

  • Account name: DRUSTVO ELA
  • Address: JURKA VAS 33
  • Town: 8351 STRAŽA
  • Country SLOVENIA / EU
  • IBAN/Acc.nb SI56 0203 8009 0249 043
  • Bank’s address: NLB d.d., TRG REPUBLIKE 2, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA/EU



Everyone is an essential part of creating a better world, because only together we are stronger!

Thank you so much!


Funding for ELA Kenya educational centre
Raised 70%

We still need to paint and furnish all the bulidings before we can start with our programs, so every dontaion will be highly appreciated. 

ELA Malawi and ELA KENYA-Description of projects since 2011

Progress of building ELA KENYA EDUCATIONAL CENTRE by July 2023

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