Together we are


ELA stands for:

ela education


Offering quality Education in African villages, specifically for children with learning difficulties. Personal attention for every child instead of quality education being a privilege.

ela litaracy


Through literacy programs we ensure that participants reach their potentials despite their challenging upbringing and backgrounds.



Offering music, theatre & visual art programs to offer kids and adolescents the skills that empower their creative talents in ways that open up future possibilities and stir positive change.

ELA's founder:

Jana Dular Wang'ombe

"Creating opportunities"

SLO verzija filma

ELA is a result of desire

Dedicated to improve the conditions of education in rural parts of Africa by using western knowledge, experience and desire to make a difference.

We chose Africa

A continent with a vibrant energy and abundancies of colors, sun, positivity, music, joy, combined with endless challenges, negotiations and solutions.

Our mission

To be the voice, to create opportunities and platforms for disadvantaged groups through education and community empowerment.

Our projects: