Jana Dular Wang'ombe

Mother, HUMANITARIAN, lawyer, author and FOUNDER OF ELA Africa

Jana has been living in 4 African countries for 14-years now. She has been running sustainable projects assisting mostly children & youth in poorest villages of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi. Her biggest and up-to-date ongoing project has been changing lives & upgrading education and skills of thousands of Malawian children and youth for over 13-years and she has spread her help to Kenya as well with her newest project.

Read Jana’s full story, it is the one that changed her life so magnificently, so magically and in such fantastic ways that it can’t be captured in this text block.
 Order Jana’s book THE WARM HEART OF AFRICA on ela.africa2011@gmail.com and support ELA’s projects.

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ELA's volunteers stories

Up to date ELA hosted over 50 volunteers and for summer 2024 we are expected no less than 20 volunteers to help us!

It’s getting slowly bright outside. The birds happily rehearse their melodies, their range is very varied.From those little whistling voices, to loud and long whistles. In the distance, the soft murmur of Lake Malawi can be heard from my room at ELA’s centre. Today lake it is not too turbulent, so you will  probably soon hear the drumming and loud singing of fishermen, who, in their characteristic narrow boats carved out of a single trunk, will return from a night hunt for a very popular little fish called usipa…
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Mojca Zajc

POLITICAL SCIENTIST and volunteer OF Ela africa

I often say to myself that I was born in the wrong period – too late I would say. This winter, something wonderful happened to me, something so beautiful that I never dreamed about. I went back a few decades, to a time when there wasn’t all the possible electronics, fancy cars, all the food imaginable, and when electricity was a rarity. I went back to a time when people valued friendship, kindness and simplicity, this time was conjured up for me by Africa, Malawi. The people in this beautiful country are so happy, kind and joyful just to chat with me…
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Ana Erzar

TEACHER and volunteer OF ela africa