With 10EUR per month you will: 

  • 3 times a year enable the purchase of gifts for your adopted child (mosquito nets, sandals, school bags, eating sets, T-shirts, notebooks, books, soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, crayons, pen, pencils),
  • help feed 50 of ELA’s children with special needs who come to the morning workshops every day,
  • help finance contributions for ELA’s employees (2 teachers, cook, night watchman, manager),
  • assist in purchasing materials for ELA’s daily afternoon workshops for 200 children, 
  • enable repairs of the ELA’s centre, tables, benches, windows,
  • supported ELA’s projects 
You commit for only one year and then renew the sponsorship every year again.

Write to jana.dular@gmail.com and she will send you instructions on how to arrange your donation on ELA’s transactional account (10Eur/month or payment in installments or transfer of a full-year donation 120Eur). You will then receive information about the child in need of a sponsor and after each time your child will receive a gift a thank-you picture with your name. 

A heartfelt appreciation to each of you who will lend a helping hand.