ELA Kenya progress and sights

Greetings dear friends of ELA organisation,

in the second week of March 2021, we built a wall to keep buildings from sliding down the hill during the rainy season. In the third week of March, we completed 2 kitchens, where we will cook delicious meals for our scholars every day and ELA’s 2 classrooms where classes for children with special needs and kindergarten will be held. in July we started building 3 rooms for ELA’s future volunteers.  

On this occasion, a heartfelt thank you to ELA’s biggest supporters Branko and Nataša Bogovič (company Svet dekorja) and the project You Are Angel too with Janez Štros and the Rotary Clubs of Slovenia for a donation of 10,000 Eur, which will greatly contribute to the continuation of the construction of Ela’s educational centre (centre for children with special needs, kindergarten and music+film school) . We are still a long way from the end, but I believe that this dream will also come true, as I know that the light of the soul and the purity of the heart attract like-minded supporters. So THANK YOU, to each of you, for being part of our mosaic and thus helping African children towards receiving a better education and a friendlier childhood.

What’s going on in Kenya in video format (I speak in Slovenian but do enjoy the marvelous sights)-April 2021

You can support our Kenyan and Malawian projects here: http://www.ela-africa.org/slo/donate  




Jana, Ela’s team and Ela’s African angels