Greetings dear friends of ELA organisation, 

from September 2020 until June 2022: 

-all payments were made to government offices to obtain all permits from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Health,

– a building permit has been obtained for the construction of the said structures,

– all operating licenses of the organisation have been obtained,

-access road to Ela’s land was excavated and built
and fortified with stones and rollers,

– electricity and public water supply were brought to the site,

– 110m2 building with 2 classrooms of a center for children with
special needs was built

– 2 kitchens 50m² + storage  (one half open where you will cook on charcoal
and wood) for cooking daily meals for Ela’s children, team and volunteers) were built

– 60m2 building with 3 rooms for volunteers was built

– 35m² office for the manager and Ela’s team was built

– 10m² bathroom with 2 showers for volunteers was built

– 2 toilet blocks (6 toilets) 20m² were built

– 5 concrete structures for the installation of water tanks +
water tanks (5000 liters to 10,000 liters) were built

– well and septic tank were built

– 8 supporting walls were built(total 500)

– children playground area was built with surrounding supporting walls

– barbed wire and meshed wire was placed all around ELA’s land and concrete poles were built for its’ support 

-kitchen and office were painted inside and outside

-entrance metallic gates were installed and structure to protect them was built above it

-security metallic fence was added on supporting walls

-patio was built for volunteers our of timber and iron sheets


On this occasion, a heartfelt thank you to ELA’s biggest supporters company Svet dekorja with Branko and Nataša Bogovič and the project You Are Angel too with Janez Štros (Rotary club Kranj+friends), who greatly contributed to the continuation of the construction.


We still need to: 

-build a music film school for children and troubled youth

-equip all the mentioned premises

– paint all rooms

-purchase a solar system and collectors for the needs of the centre

– set up a children’s playground (swings, slides,…)


THANK YOU, to each and everyone of you, for being part of our mosaic and thus helping African children towards receiving a better education and having an opportunity to nurture their talents. 


What’s going on in Kenya in video format (I speak in Slovenian but do enjoy the marvelous sights)

PROGRESS up to April 2023




PROGRESS up to DECEMBER 2021 (see video below)

PROGRESS up to JANUARY 2022 (see video below)

Check out the Progress on ELA Kenya land. Supporting walls are all set up, so buildings won’t slide down the hills during rainy seasons. Fence has been put in place, children’s playground area is being secured as well and all around the land and beside all supporting walls we will plant bushes of 5 colors, banana trees, palm trees to make our place feeling natural and colorful.

PROGRESS up to MARCH 2022 (see video below)

PROGRESS up to JUNE 2022 (see video below)

You can support our Kenyan and Malawian projects here:  




Jana, Ela’s team and Ela’s African angels

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