In Malawi, on 8.9. ended the 3-week vacation, during which we entertained the children at the Ela Centre with holiday workshops full of sports games on the beach and in front of the center, with drawing workshops, with extra English learning and repetition of mathematics and the Chichewa language. September marked the beginning of the dry season in Malawi. This means that temperatures ( next to the freshwater Malawian lake) rise above 40C every day and with the scorching sun, soil becomes incredibly hot. When children walk to Mazembe Public School and to the ELA Centre every day during the dry season, many unfortunately get blisters on their feet because the ground is so hot that it literally burns them, sometimes to the point of bleeding. However, since these injuries can be prevented, we decided that the main gift of this year’s last gift set will be sandals. These will protect them from the hot sandy ground on a daily basis, as well as protect them in the mud during the rainy season (which starts from February onwards). When they walk barefoot in the mud, larvae form under their toenails, which then travel into their blood system and then eat their flesh from the inside, creating large sores all over their bodies. That’s why sandals are a double blessing for dear Malawian hearts. In addition to sandals, each child received two 100-page notebooks, 2 chemists or 2 pencils, soap and a set of toothbrush and toothpaste. Below are pictures of receiving the gifts.

The workshops for 50 children with special needs are going on well and the children enjoy the abundant daily lunch the most. Of course, the afternoon workshops for learning mathematics, English, reading, writing, and drawing are also well attended. Check out the happy clips and pictures below. The good news is that we bought a new laptop, because the previous one broke from all the dust and sand. The children are excited again anda beautiful hearty laughter is heard again when they are watching cartoons (Tom and Jerry cartoons are still the most popular) and interesting documentaries for children. ELA is the only building with solar electricity within a +10km radius, as the village of Mazembe, as well as all the other villages near it, is a village without roads, electricity, water supply, or mobile signal. Such occasional video entertainment really brings a lot of joy, and rightly so.

In Kenya, we have completed the construction, now it is necessary to paint the classrooms and the music and film school, as well as buy interior fittings, buy instruments and video/audio equipment for the studio, in which we will record and encourage young and old talents to share their African rhythms. voices and dance moves and create collages of art to share with the world.

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