In Malawi, children have been back in schools since early January with 1 month country lockdown. So when schools opened Ela’s centre in Mazembe village also started with its programs. Ela’s teachers kicked off this year’s workshops for children with learning difficulties too. 50 children are very enthusiastic about attending the daily 3 hour morning workshops at our centre and they adore giant lunches the most. Check out the pictures below to testify to this enthusiasm. We have also gifted ELA’s sponsored children with gifts in 1st semester. Ela’s kids told my team that they really want and desperately need umbrellas as the rainy season is approaching. They quietly asked if it was possible to give them umbrellas. Yes their first umbrella, not from a father or mother or older sister, but only theirs. And how their little eyes lighted up when they saw this package containing a big colorful umbrella, 2 soaps, toothpaste and a brush, notebooks, pens and pencils. Below are some photos of few sponsored children at ELA’s centre. If you wish to become a sponsor please follow this link: and read more about it and if you do decide contact director of ELA on

Ela’s team also runs daily afternoon workshops where children repeat Mathematics, English, reading, writing and train in art and sports activities.

We wish you blessed, healthy and safe days ahead,

Jana, Ela’s Malawi team and ELA’s children

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