We spent 4 years building and doing our best to grow the new ELA KENIYA center for children with special needs and a music and film school, with rooms for volunteers, an office, toilets, bathrooms, two kitchens where we will cook meals for the children at our workshops . 

Deepest Appreciation to the company Svet Dekorja and the Slovenian painter Janez Štros with the project You are the Angel too for the substantial financial support that brought the construction project to an end.

I-Jana have been lecturing for 7 weeks in Slovenian schools and public institutions,where I had been collecting financial support for the equipment of the mentioned buildings, so that we can start running some programs. Heartfelt appreication to everyone who responded and helped in any way, so that I have & will prove again in Kenya that Slovenian hearts are the MOST caring, loving and grand.💕 Thanks to your support, workshops have been running in Malawi for over 13 years which help 250 children on daily basis , ELA provided over 100,000 free meals and with my Malawian team we enabled better education for over 3,000 village children. 💕 Now I am also starting workshops in Kenya, thanks to YOU & your carefully trusted support. 🙏🏽 I AM EXTREMELY PROUD TO BE SLOVENIAN. Together we are stronger

And a warm invitation to volunteers to read the files below Www.ela-africa.org/slo/volunteer and join us in Kenya from February 2024 onwards.

Here is a 3-minute video of Kenya’s 4-year effort and successes.

English version of the video: https://youtu.be/EFZLQgXX8Fg

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