Hi dear friends of ELA,

We hope you are enjoying the spring and that you are healthy and safe.
In Kenya, we were just blessed with the first rain of this year, which was a good month late. In Malawi, however, there were insanely heavy rains / rainy season that had no end.

Now the rain there has finally subsided and since the second school semester has started we immediately started giving presents. My teachers went to the 110 km distant city Mzuzu, where they bought hundreds of meters of various fabrics, zippers, buttons, thread, notebooks, soaps, pens, and brought them to ELA centre.
A week earlier, we agreed with the village tailors that they would bring their Singer sewing machines to ELA’s centre on bicycles and sew boys and girls’ uniforms there.
Below are few pictures of ELA’s daily workshops for our children with learning disabilities and of course pictures of ELA’s sponsored children receiving uniforms (FYI; each sponsor got personalized email with their sponsored child’s photos, so below are only few pictures so you can feel the Joy of children receiving gifts.)

In March, we spread the idea through ELA’s village and the neighboring villages, where the children come from, to give the children new uniforms this semester and then patiently wait for the response of the children and parents, if they agree with the idea. My team was thrilled as the parents were coming to ELA Centre smiling and asking if the news was true, that the children would be receiving new uniforms. Because it has always been the case that a child has only one uniform that parents can barely afford. That is why it is Wednesday in public schools, the day to wash them. The same uniform is worn on Mondays and Tuesdays, on Wednesdays they have to wash their uniforms and then they wear normal clothes, and on Thursdays and Fridays they wear that one and only uniform again. Now the news has come that every child will have another new, beautiful, quality uniform and the gratitude of children and parents was really exceptional.

In 2nd school semester each sponsored child received a new uniform, notebooks, pens/pencils and soaps. Their happiness was evident.

So THANK YOU dear sponsors so much for being with us so that together we can draw hundreds of smiles on the mouths of these beautiful hearts.

If you wish to become a sponsor check the link here: 




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