Dear godparents/sponsors, supporters and friends of the ELA organisation,

let’s once again wish you a hearty, healthy, happy year, full of joy, smiles and unforgettable experiences.

In the first week of January we started the new school year again. For the godchildren, this is a wonderful time of receiving gifts (in the 1st school semester, two more gift deliveries will follow until the end of the year), which of course everyone was looking forward, every sponsor was also looking forward to it, when s/he could once again admire the smiling faces their Malawian sponsored children.

This time each child received a large bath towel, which will come in handy during the day’s swimming in the lake or at home taking a shower. In addition to the towel, we included soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, notebooks and pens/pencils.

ELA’s teachers said that laughter could be heard from far away when the news spread that the gifts had arrived at the ELA center. Kids came in large numbers and went home with full arms of gifts and big smiles. Thank you very much for your support dear sponsors.

Our programs for children with special needs and afternoon workshops of literacy, reading, English, Chichewa language, sports and art activities started in the first week of January and will last until December.

If anyone else wants to become a sponsior of a MAlawian child from my ELA centre with 10 EUR of monthly support, please write to me at More info:

Warm greetings,

Jana, ELA’s angels and ELA’s Malawian and Kenyan team

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