Hello dear friends of ELA,

in Malawi, we are now slowly transitioning from the cold African “winter” to the hot season, where already in September the temperatures will rise to 40 C. Now at the beginning of September, we started the 3rd school semester and the children were already eagerly waiting for the last, third set of gifts for this school year because of the sponsors’ loving support.

This time, each child received 3x 100-page notebooks, pens or pencils (kindergarten children up to 2nd grade), a plate with 4 compartments (in the larger compartment you can put polenta/nsima and in the smaller compartment green vegetables, usually cassava leaves and fish from the lake with onion-tomato sauce or bean sauce). These plates are very popular in Malawi, but they cannot be bought in rural areas as they are only sold in towns. That’s why these plates bring even more joy to the village children, because they can be a little special at every meal :). In addition to them, everyone was given a cup for morning tea or porridge, a spoon, toothpaste and toothbrush to keep their teeth healthy and shiny.

Below, in addition to a couple of pictures of the sponsored children, there are also pictures from ELA’s daily free workshops for children with learning difficulties and a couple of pictures of happy faces eating free daily lunches at ELA’s centre. Of course, I have also attached beautiful pictures of kids playing on ELA’s playground and on the beach by Lake Malawi. (Note; At the workshops and at lunch, we only photo those children who want to be captured and we do not force anyone to be photoed.)

In Kenya we had to put the construction of the last building / music-film school on hold  due to building materials rising in price by as much as 90% this year. So any support will be highly appreciated

You can send your donation via ELA’s Transactional account (follow link for more details): www.ela-africa.org/donate or via Paypal at jana.dular@gmail.com (Paypal account is strictly used for Ela’s projects)


With grateful greetings and warm African hugs, Jana, ELA’s angels and ELA’s teams

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