The New year od 2023 brought new success and new faith that all will be achieved as planned. 

We have started with building of the last structure within ELA Kenya Educational centre; the music and film school for village children and youth who never before had a chance to play instruments, learn about singing, recording, doing drama through which all the pressing issues could be safely expressed. 

Below the building journey has been captured with pictures and videos of our team of workers digging the deep foundations, building the walls of the structure, setting up metallic wiring for the ceiling of the ground floor, laying the concrete slab/ceilings of the ground floor. Now we have proceeded to build the 1st floor as well. 

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For Slovenians:

We have faith and determination that we will achieve the goal of building the music and film school though finances are getting tight due to immense increase of prices of building materials. If you can assist us, we will deeply appreciate your support. 

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Digging the foundations for the Music and film school.

Though they do everything by hands (as machines are hard to come by in these parts) the progress is evident and their work is so professional. They made these metallic structures by hand and already poured concrete in them.

Walls of the ground floor have come up so fast.

These are the future music rooms where kids will be taught how to play various instruments.
On the 1st floor there will be studios for recording music and theatre/green room.
Imagine the excitement, multiple opportunities, positive self worth this place will bring to hundreds of talented hearts, who never before had a chance to express themselves through playing instruments, singing, DJing, doing theatre sketches, being taught how to write film plots and recording videos, having a TV station, where they will promote their culture and letting the whole world know who they are and that their dreams are valid no matter where they come from.

We had to buy lots of durable and expensive wood that will be holding cement slab up. It is a though job of precision, hard work and great manual skills.

Our darling team of workers are pouring a concrete slab/ceiling of the ground floor. Look at their dedication, hard work and speed.  

Concrete slab is finished/celilings of the ground floor are made.

We have started building the walls of 1st floor as well. 

The progress at music and film school is amazing. Inner walls are plastered, tiles and ceiling boards are laid, electrical wiring is finished, doors and windows are installed. Now we need to paint inner&outer walls of this building and special needs classrooms, order furnitures, set up a playground and do some remaining plumbing work. And then the end is in sight and we can start with workshops. Hooray.

Thank you all who have been on this journey with us in any way. We appreciate you deeply. Bless you all. 💕

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