a success story

The impact in Malawi

After helping Maasai headmistress Mama Anna Moshi build a school in Tanzania for 350 children, founder of ELA, Jana Dular Wang’ombe, listened to her African heart and actualised her dream in 2011, by building and running ELA’s first educational centre in the village of Mazembe, Malawi.

ELA helps kids with learning difficulties. No one is excluded. In ELA’s centre we run daily free-of-charge workshops for 50 children with special needs and daily workshops for 200 children of all ages, kindergarten to class 8. 

Over the course of the past decade more than a 1000 children have enjoyed quality education and have graduated due to ELA’s efforts. Together with ELA’s financial support this has enabled many of them to successfully proceeded their academic career. 

ELA educated local teachers and ELA’s center has become independent. Which is a must, for longevity of the project and for sustainable progress of the region. That has granted ELA to expand its focus and create a brighter future for hundreds of Kenyan children and youth too.

 ELA believes in a broad education and introduces its students, besides mathematics, English, reading and writing, to various sports and art classes. We offer drama, singing and dancing groups as well as football and volleyball teams. 

An impression of Malawi