ELA has expanded to Kenya to help the Embu community

6000 m² of land was bought in Kathuriri village (Embu county, on the slopes of Mt. Kenya) and is currently crowdfunding to realize an educational centre. 

Only with your help we’ll be able to provide a quality education, better childhood and a more creative adolescent time for hundreds of children! 

        ELA educational centre will consist of:

  1. 1. Special needs educational centre
  2. 2. Children’s playground
  3. 3. Art institute (music, film & theatre school)
  4. 4. Kitchen & dining room
  5. 5. Rooms to host volunteers
    6. Classroom furniture
  6. 7. Infrastructure for energy and water
Design by a local architect

Successful construction of the ELA KENYA educational centre&music-film school by the end of 2023 and successful beginning of the programs by May 2024.

                                  English videos

                                  Slovenian videos