Embu culture

Mountain and music

ELA’s projects will assist Embu people, who are of Bantu origins and speak a very interesting language called Kiembu. Embu people have been born and raised on the fertile slopes of the 5199m high snow capped Mount Kenya. Which is following tradition the place of the Lord, who is the owner of the snow=mwenyaga.

Embu county is richly covered with tea and coffee plantations, which facilitate for main economic activities. Despite the hard daily life of the people, the people always carry a smile on their face and kindness in their hearts to help one another in battling the daily problems such as buying food, paying medical bills sourcing funds for quality schooling of their children, etc. 

The Embu people share joy and comfort in singing, especially when celebrating their God Mwenenyaga. The singing is accompanied by traditional drumming and tribal dancing. ELA wants to offer these really talented people opportunities and platforms to upgrade their talents and earn a decent living with making music.

Herding and singing

Every morning a herder and his 20 goats come by ELA’s Kenyan plot. While his goats gaze, he sings. ELA’s founder Jana about the herder: 

“He melts my heart but also puts a sorrow in it as I know he will never be heard by crowds as he might be, if he would have been born elsewhere. We want to connect these talented people to educate the youth and give both the young and the old opportunities to flourish.”